Humanitarian Response

All blog posts related to our humanitarian response work.

The European Union’s humanitarian aid supports relief activities for vulnerable people in crisis zones around the world. Through its humanitarian aid, the European Union has continued to support various lifesaving activities implemented by Oxfam through its Burundian Refugees Response Progamme in...
“It is great to see a smile on many faces because of Oxfam’s humanitarian work.” Said Betty Malaki, Oxfam in Tanzania Head of Programmes during a visit to Nduta camp. - Photo: Bill Marwa/Oxfam
April 2018. Heavy rains are pouring down. Most of the roads in Kasulu and Kibondo districts in the Kigoma region of north western Tanzania are wet and slippery. The Country Management Team (CMT) of Oxfam in Tanzania took on a three days monitoring visit to Oxfam’s work in the Burundian refugee...
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