The Female Food Hero is a national reality TV style competition which raises awareness in Tanzania of the many incredible achievements of its women food producers. Photo: Coco McCabe/Oxfam
Oxfam in Tanzania observed that women’s rights coalitions are organizing around different causes such as prevention and responding to gender based violence, women’s property rights, education, youth’s and women leadership. The spaces organized and facilitated by Oxfam in Tanzania were meant to add...
Monica Simon, 44, is one of over 1600 Tanzanian farmers supported by the Oxfam rice value chain project. Photo: Bill Marwa/Oxfam
Our Vision for Tanzania is: … empowered citizens with reduced poverty, inequality and injustice where citizens, especially women and young people, have access to resources and have a good quality of life. People will be more aware of, and demand their rights to resources and essential services.
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