Making All Voices Count

Making All Voices Count is a project aimed to support innovation, scaling up and research in the use of technology and non-technology approach to support open, responsive government and citizen engagement. Among the activities that have been implemented by Oxfam in Tanzania is the preliminary survey; using mobile technology (mobile phones) which will be carried out by animators in Mbogwe District to assess people’s knowledge of and participation in OGP and open government.

The survey will further identify citizens’ open government priorities in terms of what information is important to them, how they can access it and how local governments can best be made transparent. The preliminary survey also tested the use of digital technology on how citizens use mobile phones in accessing governance information and feedbacks.

The making all voices count project will assess the OGP implementation in Mbogwe towards the following areas.

  1. Adherence by village government to open government principles (e.g. holding of village assemblies
  2. Community participation in planning, decision making and monitoring of development activities in particular related to social services
  3. The involvement of women and young people for the same
  4. Knowledge of village budget, land transactions, relationships with investors etc of local people
  5. Participation of women and young people in development of local budget
  6. Knowledge of and access to the 5% fund for women and young people of the district council